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Sobretudo, temos que considerar nesta foto o que faz com que ela perdure em seu poder de evocacao de uma situacao narrativa, para muito alem desta sua relacao com um evento particular de uma guerra havida ha quase 40 anos.
This does not give me or my employees reason to expect former conditions and agreements to perdure.
These processes (Militz 2002) are Plato-Process (Netherlands), Retification Process (France), Bois Perdure (France), OHT-Process (Germany), and ThermoWood Process (Finland).
dejaran de presionar al gobierno y al Congreso para que perdure el embargo economico.
Certains anciens militants de la JEC s'engagent en effet activement dans les syndicats, les journaux, mais ils sont rapidement confrontes a l'Eglise dont la mainmise sur les diverses associations perdure.
nacemos y morimos cada dia, mientras perdure nuestra conciencia de Ser" ("La vocacion .
Oh, if there were in me one seed without rust, / no more than one grain that could perdure / I could sleep in the cradles leaning by turns / now into darkness, now into the break of day.
Like liberals, Scruton is convinced that if the institutions of an established order are allowed to perdure, then the basic identity and goodness of a nation will also endure.
Perrot met en lumiere des categories de pensee de la ville qui, de son point de vue, ont perdure jusqu'a nos jours (3).
C'est peut-etre aussi ce qui explique pourquoi elle perdure dans une epoque ou les S.
Nous sommes trois a avoir perdure a travers les fluctuations des participantes au seminaire, trois a avoir constate une evolution a ce niveau de profondeur.
But at the same time, we must look toward the fringes, at the "other," to use the current term; we must try to discern what spun out from the center makes sense, speaks to us - or could speak to some group of "us" - has the weight and power to perdure, or could be a new center itself.