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Here the methodologically sensitive reader may feel some frustration, as the border between exposing the sources and disclosing their perduring insights blurs not infrequently.
The No Change Argument is problematic because (3) is not obviously true; although a momentary slice or segment of a perduring thing does not exist at different times and thereby cannot undergo qualitative change,(12) it does not follow that perduring wholes cannot be the subjects of genuine qualitative change.
Even if it is true that the whole perduring object is immune to qualitative change, what guarantee do we have that it can't undergo the sort of temporal change referred to by premise (1)?
Nor, for similar reasons, can the second speech approach the perduring (as we suppose) Clinton.
Arguably (2) is false, since the t-experiences of a perduring human individual seem to be fixed not by her temporally inflexible t-segment but rather by her "mind," something that moves over an extended temporal landscape.
One can wish for more, of course: I was surprised that gender and generational issues seemed secondary; I wondered how much variations in the size and perduring bleakness of inner cities affected opportunities.
He characterizes the latter love as dualistic, violent, and irrational because, instead of harmonizing with one's nature, it contradicts the most perduring inclinations of the self.
Entitled "Challenges to Israeli Democracy," these four chapters attempt an assessment of what democracy might mean in the face of a communal split between western and eastern Jews, the religious factor endemic to Jewish politics, the presence of a hefty (19 percent) Arab population within the state, and "the impact of the West Bank and Gaza" (an occupation perduring for more than thirty years in the face of U.
s position to developments since 1957 and suggest strongly the perduring relevance of L.
It exposes the perduring gap between historical exegesis and contemporary catechesis and preaching.
This work now completed by this second volume will have perduring value.
s volume offers a kind of tour or synthesis of the most recent and most perduring of research in Aquinas: P.