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But the falcon's success is due mostly to the Peregrine Fund, a breeding project originated in 1970 by Tom Cade, a former professor of ornithology (bird science) at Cornell University.
The Peregrine falcon was threatened with extinction during the 1940s and '50s by the use of the pesticide DDT.
Beside the live images, the Peregrine Watch at Travelers Tower website, designed and hosted by Travelers, contains background information on and photos of Amelia and her chicks born in 2000, general information about peregrine falcons, and curricular activities for teachers and their students prepared by the Science Center.
Once on the brink of extinction, peregrine falcons have now made a comeback.
Thanks to our partnerships with Travelers and the advent of interactive technology, students, teachers, and the general public can experience and enjoy a conservation success story with the nesting of the peregrine falcons at the Travelers Tower.
Historically, high rocky ledges in towns such as Avon, Meriden or Guilford served as home to peregrine falcons, but these populations began to disappear in the 1920s and 1930s when the widespread use of the pesticide DDT was common.