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adj. absolute, final and not entitled to delay or reconsideration. The term is applied to writs, juror challenges or a date set for hearing.

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PEREMPTORY. Absolute; positive. A final determination to act without hope of renewing or altering. Joined to a substantive, this word is frequently used in law; as peremptory action; F. N. B. 35, 38, 104, 108; peremptory nonsuit; Id. 5, 11; peremptory exception; Bract. lib. 4, c. 20; peremptory undertaking; 3 Chit. Pract. 112, 793; peremptory challenge of jurors, which is the right to challenge without assigning any cause. Inst. 4, 13, 9 Code, 7, 50, 2; Id. 8, 36, 8; Dig. 5, 1, 70 et 73.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The White House Friday sacked Derek Harvey, its main hardliner on Iran, peremptorily, making clear where he stood by saying his departure was "effective immediately."
The reverberations from South Africa's 'Night of the Long Knives', when President Jacob Zuma, having peremptorily summoned his former, highly respected Finance Minister and his deputy back from a roadshow in the UK a few days earlier and, then proceeded to move several Ministers and Deputy Ministers from his Cabinet, continue to rock the country both politically as well as economically.
Since the United States has peremptorily announced the Reykjavik Summit, I will go one step further and confirm that one week later, Russia will convene a meeting in Geneva of all the nuclear-weapons states for the express purpose of developing a comprehensive global plan to guarantee mutual, assured, and verifiable nuclear disarmament."
Another Lawless twist was his take on the Countess--aided by Layla Claire's patrician presence, this married-upward mistress could be as peremptorily high-handed with her maid as her husband was with his manservant.
If the application for incorporation of the public shareholding company is peremptorily rejected, the founders shall not submit another application to establish the same company until the expiry of one month from the date of application rejection.
Staff are aided by Dalek-like Automatic Guided Vehicles that run around on a track delivering dashboards and peremptorily toot if they think you haven't seen them coming.
The meandering becomes the act of remembering which is likened to the acoustic experience of listening to an old record ('vecchio microsolco') that 'peremptorily explodes at the end.' The metaphors, paratactic syntax, and contiguity of images connect to create a visual mechanism of a memory, its beginning and then its abrupt interruption.
When I produced the police certificate, it was peremptorily rejected.
-- We have peremptorily resolved that anyone who embraces the Israeli nationality or disrespects the contents of this Document shall be apostate and renegade from our Religion and social integrity.
"There is one topic peremptorily forbidden to all well- bred,
There were, however, plenty of lesser crimes, some punished rather peremptorily. Uniquely the local authorities in Berwick could periodically deliver people to gaol, stage trials and order executions, even without the presence or permission of an itinerant Judge of Assize.
That was the day in 2014 when a substance-fueled boyfriend with whom I had foolishly assumed I would spend the rest of my life peremptorily dumped me.