peremptory demand

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"I can do so little--have I done it all well?" is the perpetually recurring thought; and there are no voices calling her away from that soliloquy, no peremptory demands to divert energy from vain regret or superfluous scruple.
This peremptory demand drove the Hindu parties to destroy the mosque on Dec 6, 1992.
When the Persian King Darius sent envoys to the Greek city-states with a peremptory demand for earth and water as tokens of submission, the demarche was not well received.
He is giving the stake its final few hammer strikes when he hears the peremptory demand from close by: "Just what do you think you are doing?" He sighs.
By contrast, their peremptory demand for a full life explains the hatred incurred by certain Gnostic sects or by the Brethren of the Free Spirit.
If one was looking for a moment when things soured, there is none better than the peremptory demand of George W.
This crucial paragraph manages, in but four lines, to accelerate from traditional boilerplate about stability and investor perceptions to a peremptory demand that the Mexican government deploy its military against the peasants of Chiapas.
Critical of past and present attempts to forge homogeneous, collective unities, Taylor is equally forceful in pointing to a "severe problem with much of the politics of multiculturalism," namely, a "peremptory demand for favorable judgments of worth" which are themselves homogenizing.