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Though car companies seems to be perennially transfixed by the youth market, there's a lot more disposable income floating around among those who qualify for AARP membership than those who are paying off student loans.
Still, Reed agrees that Poe's privacy about his sexuality--and almost everything else--has perennially triggered heated debate.
As for Midtown, perennially the City's strongest market, there has been more activity than usual.
In the perennially valuable Don McDonagh's Complete Guide to Modern Dance (1976), McDonagh has a tree of what he calls "Extended Choreographic Families," and alongside the Graham and the Humphrey-Weidman groupings is one marked Hanya Holm Nikolais did study at Bennington with Graham, Humphrey, and Weidman but still regarded Holm as his teacher.
It is also useful reading for all would-be activists, if only as a collection of the kind of cautionary tales that, to judge by the perennially self-destructive behavior of the beleaguered American left, cannot be told too frequently.
SAN FRANCISCO -- As Star Wars prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2007, toys based on the perennially popular cinematic saga are among the most sought-after and popular for this holiday season, according to industry data and some of the nation's most respected reviewers of children's products.
Delgadillo was the All-American standout for a Harvard-Westlake of Studio City boys' water polo team that perennially contended for Southern Section titles.
I went on to write about the need for more lesbian flight attendants so that lesbian passengers perennially watching the boys flirt could get their propers too.
Throughout most of this 1994 film, the perennially naked Felix Teitlebaum muses in a derelict hotel room, far removed from the strife of his homeland.
In a country where history is perennially invoked to evaluate the present, leaders act today to be remembered tomorrow.
Hirsch is Editor in Chief of the perennially popular Stock Traders Almanac and Almanac Investor newsletter.
Pollitt still lives in West London's perennially hip Ladbroke Grove enclave, doing reflexology at a center for alcoholics and drug addicts.