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Because, in typical State House fashion, the fund is i one of those honey pots that lawmakers perennially like to dig into to pay for other budget items - since, of course, there's never the particular fortitude to actually craft a budget with new (god forbid) revenues.
Sarah Ross, marketing director for innovations at MillerCoors, told Ad Age the products are aimed at millennials, who are perennially in search of the new.
It is true that most crime is envisaged by an idle mind or a perennially empty pocket due to reluctance to work/illegal residency.
Now the perennially busy comedienne is working her way through a mammoth sell-out tour, delivering almost two hours of observational comedy to a packed Symphony Hall.
As a brattish, soft, flaky, perennially ungrateful member of Generation Y who is spoilt by the comforts of modern life, I simply whine about the likelihood of the cruel government forcing me to remain at the coal face until well into my seventies - by which time I will be totally incapacitated at best - at every opportunity.
If so, you should take advantage of a perennially under-utilized investment option by contributing to a 529 college savings plan and deduct a chunk of the expense, says Kevin Brosious of Wealth Management Inc., Pennsylvania.
From the May issue: The tiny village of Sagaponack, tucked into the larger town of Southampton out on Long Island's East End, has perennially been one of the wealthiest zip codes in the United States.
Bartlett writes competently and her research is impressive though it is overwritten at times and the backstory of why nanna is perennially cranky and that Yared is bullied and unpopular at school is never fully explored nor if his bickering parents' problems are ultimately resolved.
'Fresh supply of residential properties entering Abu Dhabi's perennially undersupplied market and the growing awareness about the strategic advantages of specialised facilities management solutions will also add to the demand,' noted Jamal Abdulla Lootah, chief executive officer of Imdaad, a leading provider of integrated FM solutions in the UAE.
emphasizing that Kuwait has perennially benefited from British expertise in
The Frenchman perennially complains about his players not receiving enough protection from officials.
"Simon wants to exploit his talent relationships and make music and dance-themed movies which are perennially popular at the box office", the Daily Express quoted a film industry source as saying.