perfect substitute

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Currently, election management bodies around the world see Internet voting as a perfect substitute for postal voting; and there is little doubt that the future of elections is digital, he added.
It's great for people on the run who don't have time for brekkie - a perfect substitute, giving you the essential fats your body craves.
HHHHI QUEEN may have lost their king, but the exhilarating vocals of Adam Lambert were a perfect substitute for the former showman, Freddie Mercury.
With water being in short supply oil was the perfect substitute and it resulted in a safe and consistent racing surface.
Mandy, by now on the road to recovery, is seen as the perfect substitute for Panama but Dr Clay (Harry Connick Jr), founder of the hospital, is in a dilemma as the centre believes in rescue, rehab and release.
Adding to the distinctiveness of the All Natural Pomegranate Molasses it makes a perfect substitute for lemon juice.
Ziptwin is a perfect substitute for plastic and un-reuseable bags
In fact, just a few months ago, Summers himself proposed a reformulation of the production function that distinguished between traditional capital (K1), which remains, to some degree, a complement to labor (L), and a new kind of capital (K2), which would be a perfect substitute for L.
In his absence Pat Dobbs, who is so good when extreme patience is required, proved the perfect substitute, sitting quiet as can be on the heels of Cherry Princess until pulling Last Minute Lisa out in the final furlong for an easy win.
While there is no perfect substitute, some suggest a light soy sauce, or mixing soy sauce with miso or hoisin to approximate the flavor.
But for us mere mortals who don''t have enough room for the real thing at home, I've found the perfect substitute.
Somersby apple cider: Available in most pubs and bars, this is the perfect substitute to beer in this tropical land and is from the house of Carlsberg Malaysia.