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Complete; finished; executed; enforceable; without defect; merchantable; marketable.

To perfect a title is to record or register it in the proper place so that one's ownership will be established against all others.

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(with stress on the second syllable) v. 1) to complete, to take all required steps to achieve a result, such as obtaining a lien or other security by legal action or completing and filing all documents to present a case to a court of appeals. A mechanic's lien for labor and/or materials used to improve real property is "perfected" by filing a lawsuit and obtaining a judgment that the lien attaches to the property. 2) to make perfect. (See: mechanic's lien)

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PERFECT. Something complete.
     2. This term is applied to obligations in order to distinguish those which may be enforced by law, which are called perfect, from those which cannot be so enforced, which are said to be imperfect. Vide Imperfect; Obligations.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Es, por ello, que entender la educacion como un "proyecto vital inacabado, imperfecto pero perfectible," tiene hondas raices en la propia libertad del ser humano, capaz de decidir y dirigir su propia vida.
It will expose more what GCC has achieved in 30 years, which with the exception of a perfectible customs union, remain very little," Anani said.
(Leap of faith) Humans are perfectible although they remain sinners.
The perfectible creature thus attains perfection through motion and preserves it through immovability.
The virtuous and moral life is distinctively human, and the exercise of such a life leads to happiness in the human world, which is perfectible according to the rules God has given.
With the worldwide market for cosmetic surgery and facial cosmetic rejuvenation now valued at over $13 billion, Orbach is concerned about society's obsession with the "perfectible body".
Subsequent chapters show how similar ideas are also to be found at the heart of Revolutionary treatises such as Talleyrand's Rapport sur l'instruction publique (1791), where the republican citizen is firmly envisaged as 'l'homme perfectible' (p.67).
As a corollary to these, he argued against a Manichean dualism that would pit corruptible flesh against a perfectible spirit.
The system is also not the best of all possible systems, so there's lots of room for improvement--but like any system, it's not perfectible, no matter how many times it is reformed, re-engineered, or reimagined.