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My guess is that criminal procedure is simply not perfectible.
Another tenet of Frederic Rouvillois is that utopia sees human nature as fundamentally corrupt (although perfectible if constrained by the appropriate social organization), which entails that equality can only come at the price of liberty and diversity.
For every anthropologist of the 1860s who disparaged the vagueness of "civilization," there was another who contended that some peoples were not perfectible at all or irretrievably backward.
Writing is infinitely perfectible, so we could revise forever.
This does not mean that supply chain forecasting will fail, only that it is not perfectible.
Here the policy provision whose meaning is disputed is perfectible, and the majority of policyholders would be willing to pay for the coverage that would be provided by contra proferentem.
Humankind is not perfectible, because the species' flaws and failings are inscribed in an unchangeable text - the DNA - that will persist in creating murderers, addicts, the insane, and the incompetent, even under the most ideal social circumstances.
Delahaye That in my incessant scrutiny of the landscape on the bottle's I have completely released to the descants of another memory One song then another seen only at the paper's edge Have taken the place of perfectible second thoughts An intrepid howling that would make a vacuum of reality Nourishes a fortuitous enigma It's long been thought that a craftsman of the ancient tongue Could do much to set the record straight The library that Pisistratus the tyrant of Athens assembled was taken
Many communists interpreted this to mean that undemocratic measures which grossly violate human rights and morality could be justified in constructing a future society that was perfectible in principle.