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There he is one maimed and marred; one who is not comely to look on, because Beauty is a joy; one who is not in fair raiment, because that may be a joy also: he is a beggar who has a marvellous soul; he is a leper whose soul is divine; he needs neither property nor health; he is a God realising his perfection through pain.
No one who lived in modern Russia could possibly realise his perfection except by pain.
It will be complete, and through it each man will attain to his perfection.
That's when I understood that seeking perfection can damage your business in a lot of ways.
its Perfection SmoothOut treatment mimics the results of controversial hair smoothing treatments without coating the hair or producing hazardous fumes, but instead, by softening the bonds of the inner structure of hair.
Elster Perfection and National Fuel, Williamsville, NY, are commemorating 20 years of success as partners in the development of the Elster Perfection Polyethylene Shut-Off Valve (PSV).
His scientific research into the origins and influences of dishes explores ways of cooking them to perfection and features a focus on what makes recipes stand out from the crowd.
has launched its newest consumer scanners -- the Epson Perfection V350 Photo and Epson Perfection V100 Photo, targeting chief memory officers, photo enthusiasts and advanced amateur photographers who want to easily restore and archive their cherished photos, negatives and slides, as well as scan items for creative projects with ease.
Before you grumble that aiming for perfection has to be a good thing, consider this: It's not a good thing if aiming for perfection takes time away from doing the day-to-day things that have to be done.