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27]), would tell the perfervid adventurer that it's time to go to bed and get some rest; Ulysses, who wants to sail beyond the sunset and rejuvenate his career, would tell the invalid that it's high time to get off his duff and exert himself to advance the race.
This edition does not -thank goodness - give readers a 'new Keats' (usually the creation of someone perfervid imagination) but seeks 'to return Keats to his cultural moment by tracking his emergence as a public poet'.
Certainly the movement gave each of the players - violinists Weigang Li and Yi-Wen Jiang, violist Honggang Li and cellist Nicholas Tzavaras - an opportunity to play with perfervid expressivity and glowing warmth.
Commemorations of the event were celebrations of God's special providence in preserving the English monarchy and Protestantism, and included bonfires and perfervid denunciations of Catholic malice still seen as a danger to the land, especially during such events as the putative "Popish Plot" of 1679, the exclusion crisis, the revocation of the edict of Nantes, and the accession of James II.
He takes care to meet all the conventional tests--flag worship, old-soldier sentiment, observance of all the national holidays, perfervid patriotism, party regularity and support.
Perfervid testimony may irrupt at any moment, tales of how once I was lost and now am saved.
Say what you will about Rand's ego-worshipping worldview and perfervid prose, she got it right about the romantic self-notions of modern architects, the so-called prophets, fathers and heroes of a movement that stood for Truth Against the World, to quote the family motto adopted by Frank Lloyd Wright, allegedly the model for Rand's Howard Roark.
This same report declares, "We should jealously guard against all chances of giving any undeserved record of words which had never any real existence, being mere coinages due to the blunders of printers or scribes, or to the perfervid imaginations of ignorant or blundering editors.
Uwe Henneken's paintings of sublime Teutonic woodlands have been likewise assigned, owing to their frequent rooting in the perfervid sensibility of Novalis et al.
One of his signal contributions at Princeton was to have steered the institution away from the misty if perfervid idealism of Jonathan Edwards, who had presided over the college a few years before.
In "Roma" a perfervid collector of holy pictures is so driven to distraction by thoughts of virginal beauty that he attacks the very girl he idolises; in "The Orphan" and "The Mother," two of four interrelated Famine stories, a daughter is chained for licentiousness, a baby and a daughter cruelly die, and, in the closing scenes of the book, a woman is left imploring the Virgin Mary to help her through the pain of memory in the madhouse.