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In its hybrid structure, its perfervid prose and its fantastical conclusion, Dubarry's novel is almost uniquely bizarre in nineteenth-century French literature.
The problem, of course, always has been that the perfervid defenders and malevolent critics have the same misunderstanding.
27]), would tell the perfervid adventurer that it's time to go to bed and get some rest; Ulysses, who wants to sail beyond the sunset and rejuvenate his career, would tell the invalid that it's high time to get off his duff and exert himself to advance the race.
(1) In England, the radical William Godwin, author of Political Justice, was held by his enemies to be just such a demonic influence: his ideas, claimed Burke, were "the brood of that putrid carcase [sic] the French Revolution," and Horace Walpole designated him "one of the greatest monsters exhibited by history." (2) In this perfervid vein, anti-Jacobin opinion developed the trope of the rationalistic social philosopher creating a wild, death-dealing force--Revolution--that he cannot control and that ultimately destroys its creator.
This edition does not -thank goodness - give readers a 'new Keats' (usually the creation of someone perfervid imagination) but seeks 'to return Keats to his cultural moment by tracking his emergence as a public poet'.
Certainly the movement gave each of the players - violinists Weigang Li and Yi-Wen Jiang, violist Honggang Li and cellist Nicholas Tzavaras - an opportunity to play with perfervid expressivity and glowing warmth.
"one essential feature shared by all these men is their perfervid
Commemorations of the event were celebrations of God's special providence in preserving the English monarchy and Protestantism, and included bonfires and perfervid denunciations of Catholic malice still seen as a danger to the land, especially during such events as the putative "Popish Plot" of 1679, the exclusion crisis, the revocation of the edict of Nantes, and the accession of James II.
He takes care to meet all the conventional tests--flag worship, old-soldier sentiment, observance of all the national holidays, perfervid patriotism, party regularity and support.
Transferring one's perfervid imagination from the small page to the bigscreen can be tricky, as comics writer-turned-director Frank Miller can attest.