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In the election she lied she'd never hold, May's perfidy has smashed records by breaking promises twice before polling day: first on social care, then on human rights.
From colonial-era portraits and rabble-rousing scenes of British perfidy to the haunting 2010 print no world by Kara Walker, THREE CENTURIES OF AMERICAN PRINTS FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART (Thames & Hudson, $60) offers splendid reproductions and a refined design.
This is not only perfidy at its worst but also dastardly, because it is an attempt by the Republican-dominated Congress to force Pakistan to release Dr Shakil Afridi, who is under detention under a court's order, for running a fake hepatitis vaccine programme in Abbottabad as the agent of CIA, an alien spy agency, to locate Osama bin Laden, whom the US Navy SEALS ultimately killed five years ago.
What else can you do when Georgia describes an ex-husband's perfidy making her want to turn her head around "like Linda Blair in The Exorcist'?
Formerly a good journalist, Levy proved to be an even better businessman: Complex analyses of the conflict, he realized, sold for pennies on the dollar in Paris and Cambridge and Rome, but thundering accounts of Jewish perfidy paid a premium.
Alas, Turkey and ISIL interests on the ground are joined by perfidy," G.
This Article will also argue that the use of unmarked soldiers in the case at hand does not amount to illegal perfidy under IHL but--absent clear legal provisions and noticeable examples from state practice--must be regarded as a lawful ruse of war.
30pm, Gee Williams will talk about Perfidy, Poetry and Foul-play.
But in this vast field scarcely a word can be heard of the nefarious dealings of the fourth participant, the virtually invisible conveyancing lawyer whose perfidy has earned them as a group their designation as one of the largest, if not the very largest, criminal classes in Cyprus.
Americans were not aware of this perfidy, but the Iranians were.
Netanyahu was apparently playing to his home constituency when he spoke about America's relations with Iran, warning of Iran's perfidy, at the very time that the US and Iran were in the midst of negotiating an understanding on Iran's nuclear program.
The joke didn't seem nearly as funny months later, when Bahari found himself imprisoned in Iran and footage from the interview was used as evidence of his perfidy.