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Weatherford International plc (NYSE: WFT), a multinational oilfield service company, has sold its United States pressure pumping and pump-down perforating assets to a subsidiary of Schlumberger Limited.
As part of this transaction, Schlumberger will take ownership of Weatherford's US pressure pumping and pump-down perforating related facilities and supplier and customer contracts.
Perforating dermatoses result from the extrusion of dermal substances through epidermal channels without any alteration of nearby histologic structures.
There have been, however, only three reports of reactive perforating collagenosis at the healed site of herpes zoster.
Web Movement Compensation is built into Rofin's latest laser system for perforating packaging, the StarPerfo Advanced.
Perforating, or slightly shredding, plastic bottles can help to produce a denser bale by removing air from the material prior to baling.
Solid Cutting cylinders CNC and EDM, Compressed Air Dies, Sprocket Hole Punching Dies, Slitting and Perforating Cylinders, Crosscutting and Perforating Cylinders, Anvil Cylinders Print Cylinders Hot Stamping Tools, Screen Printing Rings, Gears, Envelope Making Dies.
Perforating the entire front door and the lower part of the back door, combined with fans mounted to the top, clearly provides the best scenario for cooling.
050 dia with 225 holes per square inch (HSI) to 1 1/2 diamond shaped holes-and shapes--such as round, oval, square, and diamond--that are punched on seven Allcross perforating presses.
Design engineers should, however, give these highly flexible products even more consideration for use in new product designs, according to members of the Industrial Perforators Association (IPA) in Milwaukee, the trade group of custom job shops specializing in perforating materials.
The idea of perforating film goes back to the German engineer Konrad Zuse who, in 1936, used perforated film to power his first computer.

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