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Patients with age less than 12 years with peritonitis due to appendicular perforation, peptic ulcer perforation, traumatic ileal perforation etc.
When double gloving, wearing two different color gloves (darker color glove as inner glove and lighter color glove as over/outer glove) significantly increases the awareness of glove perforation and the practice of changing gloves.
2)--who each had a small, dry, unilateral tympanic membrane perforation that had been caused by tubotympanic chronic suppurative otitis media.
Endodontic retreatment, perforation repair of the pulp chamber floor following inappropriate endodontic treatment and dentine substitution.
Gallbladder perforation (GBP) is a rare but devastating complication of acute cholecystitis.
5 However, it can present with a picture of intestinal bleeding in younger age groups or intestinal obstruction, inflammation and perforation in adults.
A major complication of endodontic treatment is accidental perforation of roots and/or the pulp chamber which accounts for 9.
Intrahepatic perforation of the gall bladder presenting as liver abscess: case report, review of literature and Niemeier's classification.
Key words: Fruit quality attributes maturity stages, perforation packages, plum, shelf life.
Conclusion: Enteric fever is the commonest cause of perforation peritonitis in our setup followed by intestinal tuberculosis as the second most common cause.
The medical records of twenty patients (22 eyes) with corneal ulcer or perforation treated with tectonic keratoplasty with femtosecond laser intrastromal lenticule (TEKIL) were retrospectively reviewed.
Early studies in the 1970's revealed that perforation in the posterior quadrant of the TM caused more hearing loss than the anterior part.