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The onset of superficial CVI occurs due to a vertical venous reflux caused by the ostial venous valve at the level of the saphenous-femoral junction, or due to a horizontal reflux triggered by the degradation of the ostial valves of the perforator veins that leads to venous reflux from the profound to the superficial venous network.
Thin perforator flaps such as the ALT, the latissimus dorsi perforator and SCIA perforator flap can be used.
With the advent of perforator flaps the plastic surgeon has liberty of further increasing the length of the flap by identifying a known perforator in the flap.
Short LAD gave septal perforator branches and terminated higher up in the anterior interventricular groove, whiles the long LAD gives diagonal branches and enters late in the anterior interventricular groove.
The perforator method (e.g., EN 120 and ISO 12460-5) is the most common formaldehyde measurement method used by European, and some Asian, panel producers.
We planned a vascularized DUA perforator adipofascial flap following synostosis excision after checking the presence of the perforator vessel with Doppler ultrasound.
The propeller flap is an islanded fasciocutaneous flap based on a single dissected perforator. The most useful perforators arise from either the posterior tibial artery or the peroneal vessels.
This course will include lectures on all commonly performed flaps used for breast reconstruction with extensive discussion of perforator flaps.
Explaining the procedure, Dr Rezai told Gulf News: "Perforator flaps such as the DIEP flap are "free" flaps consisting of skin, fatty tissue and tiny blood vessels which are micro-surgically removed from the donor site and transferred to the chest for reconstruction of the new breast.