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During the execution of the subject of the contract, the delivery of copier paper, wrapping paper, tracing paper, self-adhesive envelopes and slips, notebooks, pockets, stands - horizontal and vertical, cube, indexes, perforators, staples, correctors, adhesives, chemicals, markers and disks and others outside the list of art.
The midpoint of this line is identified and approximately 90% of the perforators can be detected within a radius of 3 cm around this landmark [Figure 2].
In conclusion, in patients with CVI, systematized VVs were associated with a more severe clinical status compared to non-systematized VVs, and with a distinct anatomical pattern of perforators network, which is more common in advanced stages.
The reconstruction was performed with tendon-fasciocutaneous peroneal artery perforator flap, in a propeller manner translation, with good function of the limb with minimum recovery time.
Moreover "the thigh perforators" include the medial thigh (hunter's PV), anterior thigh, and posterior thigh PVs; "the knee perforators" include the medial knee (Boyd's PV) and popliteal fossa PVs; and "the leg perforators" include the paratibial (Sherman PV), posterior tibial (Cockett's PVs), anterior leg, lateral leg, and posterior leg (medial and lateral gastrocnemius, intergemellar) PVs that were evaluated as shown in Figure 1.
In the dual LAD system, short LAD give rise to septal perforators and the diagonals originates from the LAD proper or long LAD.
Both the left anterior descending and right coronary arteries have septal perforators, anterior septal versus inferior septal, respectively.
Retrograde filling of the distal RCA occurred via a septal perforator from the left anterior descending artery (LAD) (Figure 1(b)).
[1-3] This article outlines our experience specifically with perforator pedicled propeller flaps (as per the Tokyo consensus [4]) for traumatic defects of the leg.
Six tenders for the supply of (a) an instrument to test electric fans for the Airports Branch, (b) another to test leakage to appliances operated by Liquid petroleum gases for Alexandria Laboratories, (c) an instrument to test flaming wire for Alexandria Branch, (d) instruments and requisites for items to use by or for the care of Children for the Airport Branch, (e) two perforators for Damietta Branch & (f) an instrument to test vacuum cleaners for the Airports Branch.
The term DIEP is an acronym for the expression "Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforators" which is the name given to the tiny blood vessels that supply nutrients to the flap taken from the lower abdomen.
The longitudinal incision preserves axial cutaneous perforators and parallels the orientation of the most widely used incisions for tendon repair, avoiding additional trauma.