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There is no need for Doppler detection of perforators; flap base will invariably have good number of perforators.
Retrograde filling of the distal RCA occurred via a septal perforator from the left anterior descending artery (LAD) (Figure 1(b)).
Bilateral V-Y advancement flaps were designed based on the internal pudendal artery perforators (Figure 6).
These include delaying, exteriorizing the pedicle, keeping the pedicle wider, mobilization of peroneal perforators in the intermuscular septum, supercharging, cross leg sural artery flap, leaving a skin extension over the pedicle, and harvesting a midline cuff of the gastrocnemius muscle.
1-3] This article outlines our experience specifically with perforator pedicled propeller flaps (as per the Tokyo consensus [4]) for traumatic defects of the leg.
The longitudinal incision preserves axial cutaneous perforators and parallels the orientation of the most widely used incisions for tendon repair, avoiding additional trauma.
Once the perforator flap is cut, it is than rotated around the identified vascular arteriovenous axis.
Small septal perforators arose from the deeper surface of posterior interventricularartery.
The 1035 folders with quarter folding are equipped with steep-angle former boards, cross-head perforators, a web-severing package and a stitcher-section spacer.
The only negative of perforating is if you have perforators that require a lot of maintenance that results in a lot of downtime.
Perforators are identified with a Doppler probe (Koven Technology, Inc.
A manufacturer of perforators is having guide-rails produced with a permanent dry lubricant coating.