perform repeatedly

See: practice
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Rapidly deployed military bridges need to perform repeatedly in much tougher environments than equivalent civilian bridges, so our experience in this area will help give BAE Systems a product that soldiers can trust.
On the last day, family and friends fill the studio to see the completed work, which the dancers perform repeatedly to different music and their own vocalizations.
That's the courtship display North African birds called houbara bustards (Chlamydotis undulata) perform repeatedly. At the peak of the breeding season, males start at dusk, around 4 or 5 p.m., and keep going until about 9 the next morning, says Yves Hingrat of RENECO for Wildlife Preservation in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
"It's pretty simple math: If I could bring in enough extra money for the bar, it would be worth their while to hire me back to perform repeatedly. So I could accomplish this one of two ways -- either bring in people who wouldn't normally be out drinking, out to have some drinks, or to get people who would be there anyway to drink more than they would have if I wasn't there.''
Under the pressure, the giant ani-matronic Jaws was unable to perform repeatedly (and reliably) so Universal reached out to a company with extensive experience in both robotics and water - Oceaneering International.
Currently, mutational analysis requires painful tissue biopsy, which is invasive, expensive, and impractical to perform repeatedly. However, delivery on the promise of personalized medicine to treat cancer requires access to the patient's tumor(s) or tumor cells.
She later became obsessed with him, spending hundreds of pounds to see him perform repeatedly.
As part of the recovery and maintenance of its heritage, CAVOM must perform repeatedly renovation, development or conservation.
This condition is marked by anxiety and a need to perform repeatedly certain behaviors, such as hand washing.