perform the duties of

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These men who perform the duties of my household would give their lives for me as cheerfully as they would for their country, should the occasion arise."
Notably, this includes David Norquist, the under secretary of defense (comptroller)/chief financial officer, who continues to perform the duties of the deputy secretary of defense; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Gen.
The Governor earlier appointed Jatu Lahiri, a Member of the Assembly to perform the duties of the Office of Speaker from the commencement of the first meeting of the Assembly today.
To satisfy the "condition of employment" requirement, the use of the property must be required for the employee to properly perform the duties of employment.
In their research of 27 visually impaired men and women employed in diverse occupations and using adaptive devices to perform the duties of their respective jobs, Liebman and Ryder (1987) report that all of their subjects stated that they could not work up to maximum potential without their adaptive devices.