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Li, "Performability analysis of avionics system with multilayer HM/FM using stochastic Petri nets," Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, vol.
Interestingly, the findings suggest that at least in drama, the outwardly rather conscious tendency to undergo such a shift accounts for compensating for characterization and/or performability in translation, i.e.
The goal of the translator and the director Can Dogan, who is also a Shakespeare translator, matches which is to create a "speakable and understandable" text which takes "performability" as its core.
The load criteria is not a very important parameter for analyzing the performability of a sensor network as the data communicated in structural health monitoring applications is usually redundant.
If a set of criteria ever could be established to determine the "performability" of a theatre text, then those criteria would constantly vary, from culture to culture, from period to period and from text type to text type [...].
In her revised 1999 preface to Gender Trouble, after conceding that her views on 'performability' have changed over time, Judith Butler claims that 'the idea that gender is performative sought to show that what we take to be an internal essence of gender is manufactured through a sustained set of acts, posited through gender stylization of the body.' (34) If so, Mary's (self-)representation was trapped within the fixed performative roles traditionally ascribed to ladies in lyric poetry.
Because they have embodied this repertoire through years of training, performers often tend to conflate threads of stylistic musical requirements with those of technical efficiency or "performability" and conclude that there exists an idiomatic paradigm for each instrument.
A student with a strong background in musical performance might be able to build a case for or against its performability. Finally, a similar question should be raised about the status of "Music's Empire." While the work is clearly not a dialogue, at least two scholars have independently suggested that it bears signs of having been written for musical setting.
Almost all of my older pieces are at the border or performability and technical feasibility.
In sections on methodology and problems, tool design experiences, and case studies, they consider such aspects as towards a multi-formalism multi-solution framework for model-driven performance engineering, a meta-model based approach to defining the analysis results of Petri net models, a Petri net-based tool for analyzing generalized continuous time Bayesian networks, a symbolic approach to analyzing multi-formalism Markov reward models, and a model-driven methodology to evaluate the performability of metro systems.
It regards performability as a marker of success or failure in so far as it overtly aims at bridging the gap between the so-called philological or literary translations and the stage-oriented, performable texts.

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