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Foregrounding the direct address between characters that so distinguishes drama as a genre, the poem points to its own performability.
Performability recently assessed recruits at the beginning and at the end of each programme and found that organisations often miss the mark when it comes engaging and supporting their star recruits.
The reason why songs are no longer sung in multiple rhythmic modes is clearly related to the reason why only one style of dance is used; namely, because this repertory of wangga was established expressly to unite the language groups associated with it, issues of performability overrode all other considerations.
Having focused on the humanist context and performability of Iphigeneia, Straznicky moves on to explore the idea of private and public readerships for Elizabeth Cary's Tragedy of Mariam.
Part of the performability of the monster resided in the mobility visited upon it.
If it is true, as Anderman proposes, that when performability is the main goal of a translation there will necessarily be a higher degree of tension between adequacy and acceptability factors, then we must acknowledge the fact that it is acceptability that figures highest on Lady Gregory's agenda.
In order to answer this question and to demonstrate how the research was conducted, it is necessary to discuss issues such as the nature of the drama text and dramatic dialogue, concepts such as performability, playability, speakability and modes of drama translation.
Yet as the protagonists in Austen metafiction demonstrate the performability and iterability of Pride and Prejudice by participating in that narrative, they also stake a claim for their experience as real and separate from Austen's novel.

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