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The word performable was selectively used by Byars to describe objects he made (often from cut paper) with some idea in mind of impregnating them with performative potential--of creating immanent objects-as-events.
In short, we reach here an impasse that many critical editions of operas, particularly those which strive also to be performable, eventually reach, (p.
Dr Sawkins argued he made the music performable for a recording which was performed by the Jewellery Quarter-based choir Ex Cathedra in October 2001 and sold by Hyperion by adding orchestral parts.
In not being fully dramatic, it is not fully performable and therefore not iterable.
The enhanced role of HDL-C in clinical practice increases the need for reliable and readily performable HDL-C measurement.
Although recent productions of Antonie and Mariam demonstrate that they are performable (as are, say, Corneille's heroic dramas translated into English and acted later in the seventeenth century in Dublin and London), editors who query, as Cerasano and Wynne-Davies do, definitions of what counts as woman's drama might do more to remind us that closet drama (1) was not a marginalized genre in early modern England, and (2) is indeed drama--even if not intended to be represented on a stage.
To benefit the broadest audience possible, the editors decided to present the commentary in both Danish and English, including performable translations of the works with text.
Today, inbound marketing software company HubSpot, which recently acquired social media marketing company oneforty and the most innovative marketing automation company Performable, laid out a challenge to the industry with a software trade-up program it calls #DeathByMA.
Dr Sawkins, an expert on the music's original 17th Century French composer Michel-Richard de Lalande, said he made the scores performable for the recording by adding orchestral parts.
Access to a reliable and rapidly performable screening test is imperative to identify neonates at risk and institute appropriate therapy.
He writes that Britten is typically pictured "as a practical, down-to-earth, realistic artist, writing determinedly performable and communicable music, often to commission or for a specific occasion.
In the past two months alone, HubSpot was honored with multiple coveted awards -including 2nd fastest growing software company and 33rd fastest growing company overall by Inc 500 - acquired two companies, Performable and oneforty, and secured the Guinness World Record for Largest Online Seminar, with more than 10,000 virtual attendees.

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