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Everything good about this performance owed itself to the youngster's endeavours somewhere along the way, creating the stage for McDonald to glisten.
Mr McEvoy said that the industry s strong recent performance owed much to a targeted shift towards growth markets, a strategy of partnering with leading international airlines and tourism organisations, best practice use of digital and social media and a greater focus on promoting best of Australia experiences.
In contrast to the eye-pleasing invention and creativity that Chelsea's summer signings have been recruited to try and instill in the side, the performance owed much to the kind of resilience that has been hallmarks of their play in recent seasons.
Wales may have suffered agonising defeat in their opening match, but Freedom Eggs believes the heroic performance owed much to the players' egg-based preparations.
Perhaps their uninhibited performance owed more than a little to the quantity of champagne which our party spy noticed them knocking back.
The right-winger's largely anonymous performance owed much to Sunderland's own quiet man, George McCartney.
Woolies' impressive profit performance owed a good deal to "Project Refresh," which involved a major business restructuring as well as a complex of cost-cutting initiatives launched in recent years.
Bendall said his improved performance owed much to the influence of manager Owen Delargy's training methods in the countdown to the fight and added: "That was the best I have boxed for four or five years.
Of course, if Stella had waited around a year and caught ``Psycho,'' she'd have seen how much Csokas' performance owed to Anthony Perkins and wouldn't have bothered.
That performance owed much to the application of earplugs for the first time, and the aids will be removed just before Hamdan Al
But Molby is an advocate of 'practice makes perfect' and he said Saturday's performance owed much to the hard work put in on the training ground.
It's fair to say the performance owed a lot to the fact that we did so well against Brazil a couple of weeks ago.

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