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Operating in the opposite sense to his idealistic friend, Georges projects transcendent inspirations into the perfunctoriness of his daily existence.
Though Van Sant did intend some of this to be explanatory, such as his implication of the demonstration effect of television violence, it is proffered with a "round up the usual suspects" perfunctoriness in scenes that actually vitiate every insight they appear to offer.
To begin by saying that the series in which this book appears is devoted to papers from the International Medieval Congresses that have met annually at Leeds since 1994 is to risk giving the impression that this is yet another volume of conference contributions, a genre sometimes marked by perfunctoriness and unevenness of scholarship.
s dilemma is conveyed with the same perfunctoriness, the same abjectness, that characterizes his estrangement.
Peremptoriness spilled almost into perfunctoriness here, the players (three of them siblings) knowing each other almost too well to accommodate the kind of give-and-take which characterises the finest chamber music playing.