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The designated contingency, risk, or hazard against which an insured seeks to protect himself or herself when purchasing a policy of insurance.

Among the various types of perils for which insurance coverage is available are fire, theft, illness, and death.


noun approach of danger, crisis, danger, dangerrus situation, desperate situation, emergency, endangerment, exposure to danger, exposure to destruction, exposure to harm, exposure to injury, exposure to loss, hazard, hopelessness, imperilment, insecurity, jeopardy, liability to injury, parlous state, precariousness, predicament, risk, source of danger, source of risk, susceptibility, susceptivity, threat, uncertainty, unhealthy situation, unsureness, vulnerability, vulnerable point
Associated concepts: common peril, discovered peril, doctrine of discovered peril, doctrine of last clear chance, manifest peril, unforseen peril
See also: danger, endanger, hazard, jeopardize, jeopardy, menace, pitfall, risk, threat, venture

PERIL. The accident by which a thing is lost Lee,. Dr. Rom. 911.

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However, if the carpet is an area rug, there is no coverage to remove a cocoa stain, as there is no sloppy elf included in the named perils for personal property.
Consequently, it is not covered under the explosion peril.
The agent and adjuster disagreed about coverage for the loss, with the agent citing explosion as the cause of loss and the adjuster saying that no named peril was the cause of loss.
In researching College Girls, Peril drew on a number of sources, including books (Sex and the College Girl, The Story of Spelman College and Satan in Society, an 1890 text written by "A Physician"), magazines (Ladies Home Journal, Mademoiselle, Seventeen) and newspapers.
However, in situations that warrant it (either because of price or underwriting considerations), named peril coverage is available by adding the Named Perils Endorsement, BP 10 09, to the policy.
EHP regrets the incorrect and unintentional inference in "Paving Paradise: The Peril of Impervious Surfaces" [Environ Health Perspect 113:A456-A462 (2005)] that coal tar pitch is used in the actual hot-mix asphalt used to pave roads.
Putting aside the priciples of indemnity, the challenge of Mierzwa was the idea that an insurer would owe policy limits no matter how de minimus the damage caused by a covered peril.
Commissioned by the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic, In Peril of the Sea is aimed at the general reader.
The methods may have been rough, and they certainly involved a sharp departure from British norms in dealing with sexual assault, but the protection of white virtue from the al leged black peril demanded nothing less.
Pink Think: Becoming a Woman in Many Uneasy Lessons by Lynn Peril.