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In the video, he hangs perilously from the ledge and looks down.
The Western Isles have escaped the downpours of recent weeks and are perilously close to running dry.
Alex McLeish's men are hovering perilously close to the drop zone but Weimann won't let that spoil his day at the Theatre of Dreams.
THE Wapping arrests are getting perilously close to Dodgy Dave's door.
Summary: ISTANBUL (Cihan) -- Meteor '2011 MD' to pass perilously close tonight.
Please consider it a compliment, because between the synth-pop sound and a tendency to push perilously close to edgier territory, songs such as "You Are the Accelerator," "Ejection Seats" and "Lost in the Labyrinth" capture a lot of the feeling the Mode pioneered pushing into the '90s.
Contending with snapping tills, a general malaise in Granville's love life and the formidable Nurse Gladys, the pair attempted to run their business at a profit while avoiding knocking over any of the perilously poised contents of the shelves.
First job was to pig proof the hedgerow between the three little pigs and the veg garden as they were getting perilously close to breaking out.
SUBSTITUTE Denis Behan scored a late equaliser as Hartlepool secured survival and left Exeter perilously close to the drop zone.
Unless the gearcase water pickups are running perilously close to the surface of the water where they can start sucking air instead of water (like a bass boat/jack plate situation), as long as the water pump is in decent shape the engine will run in the temperature parameters designed for it, and the alarm will come on if there is overheating.
Newcastle Crown Court heard how he carried out two hair-raising overtaking manoeuvres and sent roadside debris flying as he came perilously close to the central barriers.
The incident-packed journey sees the team battle to haul the Cold War "O"-Boat Onondaga across the stormy North Atlantic through narrow locks and up a perilously steep railway to reach its final destination.