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The first and second headlands were directly in line with the south-west wind; but once around the second,--and we went perilously near,--we picked up the third headland, still in line with the wind and with the other two.
Meanwhile the sick woman, frowning prodigiously, and openly scoffing at the whole procedure, was, in spite of herself, beginning to tingle with a feeling perilously near to excitement.
Down the floor they danced, on man-trapping and dinner-getting intent, two fresh young things that undeniably danced well and that were delightfully surprised when the music stranded them perilously near to their desire.
I think I've stumbled on to why celebs like Sarah Harding are pommel horsing about perilously on BBC1 show Tumble.
And there was almost a cliff-hanger duff duff when the guinea fowl refused to cook quickly enough and Jack's chocolate tart was perilously wobbly.
We are not there yet, but across defence I would identify the Royal Navy as being perilously close.
The Western Isles have escaped the downpours of recent weeks and are perilously close to running dry.
Alex McLeish's men are hovering perilously close to the drop zone but Weimann won't let that spoil his day at the Theatre of Dreams.
THE Wapping arrests are getting perilously close to Dodgy Dave's door.
Summary: ISTANBUL (Cihan) -- Meteor '2011 MD' to pass perilously close tonight.
We are perilously close to undermining student quality.
Newcastle Crown Court heard how he carried out two hair-raising overtaking manoeuvres and sent roadside debris flying as he came perilously close to the central barriers.