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The designated contingency, risk, or hazard against which an insured seeks to protect himself or herself when purchasing a policy of insurance.

Among the various types of perils for which insurance coverage is available are fire, theft, illness, and death.

PERIL. The accident by which a thing is lost Lee,. Dr. Rom. 911.

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Erring mainly in its occasional tendency toward caricature, this is Tim Robbins' ambitious attempt to make his own "Reds," a deeply felt homage to a time when artistic activity was driven by passionate commitment much more than by dreams of profit or celebrity, despite the financial perilousness of the Depression.
This sensitivity can be seen as conditioned by Foucault's emphasis on the perilousness of semblances of historical order (Foucault 1984a).
The perilousness of their chosen career is brought home by the footage from the camera of Australian Neil Davis, continuing to film as it lay in the street after Davis had been killed by a bullet while covering a coup in Bangkok.
officials took pains not to criticise the Japanese government, which has shown signs of being overwhelmed by the crisis, but Washington's actions indicated a divide with its close ally about the perilousness of the situation.
Perilousness was taken to an extreme during the collaborative's residency in the World Trade Center studio program a year ago, for which they constructed The B-Thing, a cantilevered balcony that extended Out an open window on the ninety-first floor; all images and references to that project were removed from this exhibition.
(8.471-77) The perilousness of such sweetness is immediately apparent, for "She disappeared, and left me dark, I waked / To find her, or for ever to deplore / Her loss, and other pleasures all abjure" (8.478-80).