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The Tinrhert Nord Perimeter in which Dragon Oil will be the operator holding a 70 percent participating stake, with Enel holding the balance 30 percent is sited in the Illizi Basin in Eastern Algeria and near several producing oil and gas fields.
airport perimeter manufacturers--makers of fences, gates, sensors and cameras--will likely face a steep drop in demand over the next several years, one report found.
This may suggest that students need a more diverse exposure to perimeter and area so that they will experience shapes that sometimes have larger areas than perimeters.
Like most double options, the drop option focuses on defeating the outside pursuit and enveloping the perimeter as quickly as possible.
There has been especially strong global interest in the new LD700 Visual Field Scanner (VFS) Perimeter, which has become our third-generation perimeter, and which has already received U.
Croydon, UK), whereby the latter will construct a new-generation compact Visual Field Screener (VFS) Perimeter on behalf and for Paradigm Medical.
ObjectVideo's Patented "Video Tripwire" Technology Will Fortify Perimeter of Port Complex, Which Handles 20 Million Tons of Cargo Per Year and Serves Passenger Cruise Ships
a leading provider of enterprise solutions for hardening the internal network, announced today the availability of the newest version of SecurVantage, a breakthrough product that allows companies and organizations to secure networks beyond the perimeter.
Airports including flight lines and perimeters, military sites, power utilities particularly nuclear power generating plants and sub-stations, pipelines, port protection, construction sites, refineries and dams are just a few of the many applications of this unique technology and product grouping.
In a report issued in June 2004, "Further Steps Needed to Strengthen the Security of Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls," the General Accounting Office (GAO) recommended stronger perimeter security efforts at U.
Port security personnel can create virtual perimeters on land and water by simply drawing a video tripwire directly on a computer snapshot of the camera's view.
The patent covers an innovation for setting and controlling security perimeters virtually using ObjectVideo VEW, the leading intelligent video surveillance software.