period of existence

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He had made his fortune, bought his house, and obtained his wife; and was beginning a new period of existence, with every probability of greater happiness than in any yet passed through.
Perhaps statesmen, at a particular period of existence, are not much gratified at thinking over the most triumphant divisions; and the success or the pleasure of yesterday becomes of very small account when a certain (albeit uncertain) morrow is in view, about which all of us must some day or other be speculating.
The door flew open, and a girl in the long-legged, short-frocked period of existence, flung into the room.
During the period of existence of the erstwhile Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises (BRPSE) i.e.
During the period of existence of the erstwhile Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises (BRPSE), that is, from December 2004 to November 2015, 68 cases were referred to it by various administrative Ministries and Departments of CPSEs.
He says when a group of people reject the Creator, it brings curse on the land, noting that for a country to observe 171th Independence without anything tangible to show for this long period of existence, means it is cursed for disrespecting and disobeying God.
It further noted that the DELSU, over her short period of existence, has become a reputable institution and one of the most sought-after universities in Nigeria.
The selected photographs, which also belong to the collection of the Museum of History and the Naprstek Museum, bear witness to the journeys made by Czechoslovaks to Tunisia during the 1st period of existence of independent Czechoslovakia, that is between the two world wars.
Moreover to this, persona arises from inside the character and stays particularly consistent for the period of existence. Personality refers to person differences in attribute patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.
In its short period of existence, G-Global has built up a social network of Kazakh intellectuals and their counterparts all over the world joining efforts to seek responses to the world's most urgent challenges today with the aim to provide durable solutions for the future world.
After a brief period of existence, PPSA became inactive, but was later resurrected when managedcare issues once again surfaced.