period of isolation

See: quarantine
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I wanted to trace the effect of your long period of isolation upon your subsequent actions.
He converted to Islam in 1967 after a period of isolation from all those around him for one year, as he studied the Islamic faith in depth.
The unit went through its longest period of isolation between December 2017 and May 2018, when 104 days of solitary confinement were added continuously, with a total of 30 on foot, in which a total of 12,500 meters of altitude and positive were saved.
Vice President Naidu recalled India's support to Zimbabwe even during the period of isolation. President Mnangagwa expressed his happiness over Naidu's visit soon after elections in the country.
Deputy CEO Mel Smith, who led the 'Walk and Talk' event on Wednesday (August 8) which kick-started the project, got involved with Grapevine during her own period of isolation while living as a single parent to her son Rishard, who has downs syndrome.
Nicolas Watson, of the Institute of Health of Wellbeing Professor at the University of Glasgow, said: "For some the school holidays are a stressful period of isolation and boredom."
While this is true for many children, for some the school holidays are a stressful and impoverished period of isolation, boredom and inactivity."
It may be tough and may require a period of isolation. There would be periods when it would appear that nothing is happening.
In contrast, China, supremely ethnocentric and insular even after its long period of isolation, refused to be subjected to arbitration by what it considers to be an improper forum.
The duration of these periods, and hence logistics of enameling technology in a particular production is to be determined by limiting the duration of continuous work cycle of the normal period of isolation (defective insulation is stable and reflects the level of technology).
It is time for you to emerge from a period of isolation. You're one of the most versatile signs and this is a chance that cannot be missed to prove that you are more talented than some people give you credit for.
After a very long period of isolation, Iran is back in the global game.