period of rest

See: lull
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He will again require a period of rest before resuming training.
Both parents and students agreed that the difficulties students face during the semester, such as lack of enough sleep and increased stress must be considered, and followed by a period of rest to prepare them for the next term.
But scans have shown a much longer period of rest is required for the former Rangers keeper.
Meanwhile, the two-time defending champions Safa will be able to enjoy an extended period of rest following two grueling trips to Tajikistan and Oman.
According to Sport24, the result of scans showed that Clarke played with a fractured left shoulder that has ruled him out of the domestic Sheffield Shield final this weekend, with team physiotherapist Alex Kountouris saying that the Test captain was injured as a result of being struck on the left shoulder and will need a period of rest to heal the injury.
The physiotherapist of Cricket Australia, Alex Kountouris, confirmed the injury of Clarke will heal "with a period of rest.
Pain is the main symptom and it is worst when you take your first steps in a morning or after a period of rest.
The striker has had a period of rest and that appears to have done the trick.
Achilles tendons are awkward and there's a period of rest (involved)," said Minichiello.
His return was confirmed in a short statement by the Algerian presidency, which said Bouteflika would "continue a period of rest and rehabilitation.
He will now go through an eight-week period of rest and rehabilitation ahead of returning for pre-season.
The former England T20 captain will spend three weeks in a protective splint after a period of rest.