period of survival

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Patients treated with SPINRAZA in ENDEAR and SHINE demonstrated a longer period of survival without need for permanent ventilation.
Table showing Period of Survival Period of Survival No.
He continues: "We had that initial period of survival where I went to all the customers and raised the pricing with everybody and rationalised a lot of the product lines.
The period of survival of each male and female was observed regularly in order to record longevity (days).
Dr Cary said: "It is the sort of case where there could have been a period of survival beyond recovery from the crush, but it doesn't get any better than 'could have been' in my view."
Manufacturing in Canada has undergone a period of survival of the fittest.
"We are ready to move from a period of survival and transformation to a period of investment, profitable growth, and opportunity," Calin Rovinescu, chief executive officer, said on Thursday.
For the band, Hot Wine marks a period of survival and loss, not only of the Brooklyn they once knew, but also of their bandmate.
"It's about putting your business in the right place to allow you to survive and thrive, so when you are thriving there is scope to grow, but if you are in a period of survival then you have choices available.
He noted that successful businesses usually move through a start-up phase, and then through a period of survival, followed by a period of growth and stability.
In the instant case there was no limitation of the period of survival. However, state law in Washington, where Sowder died, provides that if the testator is determined to have intended a marital deduction bequest, "the governing instrument shall be construed to comply with the marital deduction provisions of the Internal Revenue Code in every respect."