period of trial

See: probation
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The north-south Blue Line launched revenue service on 20th September, after a period of trial run that started on 1st February.
I went through a long period of trial and error before I discovered a strategy that worked for me," adds Jarratt Davis.
After a period of trial and error, the results were pretty impressive and I teamed up with some Emirati friends and grew on a larger scale on their farms outside Dubai.
Like many other youngster of his age, Niall dreams of being a professional footballer and has high hopes this period of trial Preston will work out.
As the largest organization to implement a holacracy, Zappos has a lot of questions to answer, and a volatile period of trial and error is likely yet to come.
The issue of procurement will be one which new contracts might well find as in this country there will be a period of trial and error as they don't have the experience, knowhow and partnerships that a company like SEG has built.
However, the past six decades has been a period of trial and tribulations for the Muslims across the world while the West by virtue of economic prosperity and development in the field of science and technology assumed the global leadership role that they (the West especially the United States) are likely to continue in the foreseeable future.
Windows 8 and ultrabooks are a definitive step in the right direction to recapturing the relevance of the PC, but its promise of meshing a tablet experience in a PC body will likely entail a period of trial and error, thus the market will likely see modest growth in the near term.
According to press release issued here on Tuesday, congratulating the nation on Eid-ul-Fitr, the JI chief said in a message that Pakistan was passing through the most critical time of its history and the whole nation was facing a period of trial.
April 2008 saw a 2-0 reverse in the Windies that represents the depths of a long period of trial and error for the selectors.