period of trial

See: probation
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President Buhari accused those in the vanguard of the agitation as impatient as he said that the present presidential system should be given long period of trial and improvement.
Growth performance of Sahiwal calves fed maize silage as basal diet supplemented with concentrate comprising plant protein sources during whole period of trial.
Initially, a civil servant has to be under period of trial for a period of one year; but, the same is extendable.
There was a performance condition attached to the sale whereby the machine should produce a specific result as-is-where-is, and a period of trial was also agreed upon.
When you move in with someone there's always a period of trial and error.
It may take a period of trial and error to find the right medication or combination of medications that lower your blood pressure to goal.
He indicated that Korea went through a period of trial and error over 50 years to get to where the country is today.
After a period of trial and error, the results were pretty impressive and I teamed up with some Emirati friends and grew on a larger scale on their farms outside Dubai.
Like many other youngster of his age, Niall dreams of being a professional footballer and has high hopes this period of trial Preston will work out.
As the largest organization to implement a holacracy, Zappos has a lot of questions to answer, and a volatile period of trial and error is likely yet to come.
The issue of procurement will be one which new contracts might well find as in this country there will be a period of trial and error as they don't have the experience, knowhow and partnerships that a company like SEG has built.
It's very important for someone to really do a soul-search, and do what they are passionate about given that before you get to success, there is a period of trial and tribulation.