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Chen, "Globally asymptotic stability in two periodic delayed competitive systems," Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol.
These properties are useful in deriving Hirotas bilinear form and constructing periodic wave solutions of nonlinear equations.
In 2015, Wayne left the corporate world and started Periodic Edibles [Pe], a cannabis infused caramel company.
In fiscal year 2013-14,he said, Rs 2,807.496 million were spent maintenance of roads out of which Rs 757.715 million were spent on rehabilitation, Rs 463.414 million periodic maintenance and Rs 1,586.367 million were spent on routine maintenance, he informed.
'The discovery of the world's oldest classroom periodic table at the University of St.
With clever "top 10" lists such as Feminists in Fiction, Feminists Before Feminism, Best Women's Marches, and Male Feminists, plus 120 meme-ready illustrations and inspiring pull quotes, "The Periodic Table of Feminism" is essential guide to feminism that offers courage and inspiration for a new generation.
In the periodic histopolation problem we have to find S [member of] [X.sub.p,m]([[DELTA].sub.n]) such that
An assured cashback gift of RO1,700, and free insurance, registration and periodic maintenance service for up to 10,000km is available on the Kicks.
In this paper, we propose an efficient method with low-memory requirement based on PSA to perform the analysis for finite periodic structures effectively and accurately.
In Section 2, we present our main results on the periodic solutions of the FPU chains and introduce the basic results from averaging theory in Section 3.
where a(t), b(t) are w-periodic continuous functions; if [[integral].sup.w.sub.0] a(t)dt [not equal to] 0, then for (3) there exists a unique w- periodic continuous solution q(t), and q(t) can be written as follows:
The existence and multiplicity of periodic solutions of (1) or more general types of nonlinear second-order differential equations

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