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In hyperkalemic periodic paralysis, certain conditions can trigger potassium elevation in the blood, which can interfere with contraction of the heart.
First described in the 19th century, periodic paralysis is a general term applied to three distinct, though possibly related, nonlethal disorders of voluntary muscle.
According to the company, the Keys2Care programme will provide a suite of patient support services to ensure people diagnosed with periodic paralysis can receive treatment with Keveyis as soon as possible.
Prevalence of Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis (HPP) is 1 in 100,000 and TPP constitutes 17.
Mutation Pro1158Ser, with a different amino acid substitution in the position, associates with an atypical periodic paralysis plus myotonia phenotype and another phenotype of SCM.
For four decades, Don Anderson of Seattle has been taking the same drug to help control the temporary bouts of immobility and muscle weakness caused by a rare and frightening genetic illness called periodic paralysis.
Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) have pressed Strongbridge Biopharma for answers on the dramatic price increase for Keveyis, formerly known as Daranide, a drug that treats glaucoma and a type of rare genetic disease known as periodic paralysis, which causes attacks of muscle weakness or loss of muscle movement.
Hypokalaemicthyrotoxic periodic paralysis in an Asian man in the United Kingdom.
It is a well-known fact that Hypokalaemia and Hyperkalaemia can cause muscle weakness and periodic paralysis.