periodic payment

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Recognize the ratable daily portion of a periodic payment for the tax year to which that portion relates.
The Tier 2 Junior Sukuk has a maturity of 10 years from the issue date and is callable on any periodic payment date falling on or after the 5th anniversary of the issue date.
A periodic payment exception allows penalty-free distributions prior to age 59V, provided they are part of a series of "substantially equal periodic payments," made at least annually, and lasting a specified duration.
MANAMA: Saad Trading, Contracting & Financial Services yesterday said the Golden Belt 1 Sukuk Company was unable to make a periodic payment as scheduled on a $650 million sukuk due in 2012.
Of all the exceptions to avoid the early distribution penalty, the substantially equal periodic payment (SEPP) alternative is the most universally available.
A periodic payment OIC is any offer of payments made in six or more installments.
It is designed for all parties involved in such cases and covers the interdisciplinary nature of measuring loss, the role of the forensic economist in determining loss, working with life care planners and rehabilitation and vocational experts, the impact of a reduced life expectancy, and types of settlements including annuities, structured settlements and periodic payment judgments.
The Maryland State Medical Society wants the current cap on non-economic damages reduced from $630,000 to $350, a new method for calculating economic damages and authorization for periodic payment of judgments.
Patrick Hindert, co-author of the industry textbook, Structured Settlements and Periodic Payment Judgments, has been named SSP's executive director.
Examples of future value of annuity, sinking fund annuity, the number of periods necessary for periodic payments plus interest to accumulate to a future value, and the rate per period needed for periodic payment plus interest to accumulate to a future value are described.
Distributing $173,580 annually would therefore satisfy the substantially equal periodic payment provision.