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Assumption #4: Periodic Reassessments Will Cover Any Adjustments in Resident Resource Consumption
If the Bill is passed, people claiming incapacity benefits will be expected to have periodic reassessments of their medical condition in face-to-face meetings with officials of the Department for Work and Pensions.
Narrowing the range of circumstances in which benefits of pesticide use may be considered when setting tolerances and requiring periodic reassessments in order to maintain tolerances.
The resident must be placed on a mentoring program with periodic reassessments and evaluations.
identify pain in patients during their initial assessment and, where required, during ongoing, periodic reassessments and
The new rules were the result of the Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002, in which Congress mandated integrity management programs that include baseline integrity assessments and periodic reassessments for areas of pipelines that are defined as high consequence areas (HCAs).
There is nothing wrong with periodic reassessments of where journalism education is and in what direction it should be headed.
Periodic reassessments will cover any adjustments in resident resource consumption.