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Poe's first genuine victory was won in 1833, when he was the successful competitor for a prize of $100 offered by a Baltimore periodical for the best prose story.
In the later eighteenth century there had been some periodicals devoted to literary criticism, but they were mere unauthoritative booksellers' organs, and it was left for the new reviews to inaugurate literary journalism of the modern serious type.
His prophecy, I remember, appeared in November or December, 1893, in a long-defunct publica- tion, the PALL MALL BUDGET, and I recall a caricature of it in a pre-Martian periodical called PUNCH.
After I had fallen over eight or nine precipices and thus found out that one half of my brain had been asleep eight or nine times without the wide-awake, hard-working other half suspecting it, the periodical unconsciousnesses began to extend their spell gradually over more of my brain-territory, and at last I sank into a drowse which grew deeper and deeper and was doubtless just on the very point of being a solid, blessed dreamless stupor, when--what was that?
Land taxes are co monly laid in one of two modes, either by ACTUAL valuations, permanent or periodical, or by OCCASIONAL assessments, at the discretion, or according to the best judgment, of certain officers whose duty it is to make them.
She was a subscriber for all the "Health" periodicals and phrenological frauds; and the solemn ignorance they were inflated with was breath to her nostrils.
I get my bread by drawing and engraving on wood for the cheap periodicals.
The Internet may yield more accurate information if it is represented in individual catalogs, but actually locating a periodical in those collections is less certain.
Fifty years ago a special issue such as this one, devoted entirely to Victorian periodical literature, would not have been possible.
Commercial document supply firms have served as an alternative to libraries for procuring copies of periodical articles for over twenty-five years.
Chapter five refocuses the study once again by invoking a horizontal category: the progression of each case study novel through its original periodical serialization.
As I consider recent developments and debates in periodical research, it seems that a similar divide between the pre- and postdigital worlds has manifested itself.

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