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The best course of action is to help the company periodically review its process for determining whether company stock remains an appropriate investment choice," says Lucas.
However, Hoffman said that future lockdowns and searches will be carried out periodically without prior announcement.
Unique Qualities: Reaching out to members to offer a balance of technical and networking opportunities, including informal groups that meet periodically to discuss issues of common interest.
This loss of a champion tree underscores the need to periodically relocate and inspect all champion trees.
If product periodically fails to meet specifications for ash analysis and/or mechanical properties, the culprit is probably the gravimetric feeder's refill cycle.
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has said that air travel would be safer if airlines weighed their passengers periodically.
Evaluate placement and storage of lifts to ensure easy access and proper charging, and be sure that equipment is periodically inspected and maintained.
It is also a good practice to periodically review your data protection programs to validate their effectiveness and look for ways to improve them.
This includes evaluating the current president against a set of job expectations, as well as periodically revisiting organizational objectives to keep them aligned with evolving priorities and directions.
However, the policy statement states that the agencies encourage all non-public banking organizations to periodically review their policies and procedures relating to corporate governance and auditing matters.
Direction 180, established in February 2001 in the Mainline Needle Exchange, helps addicts cope while getting off of opiates, and helps them to maintain regular contact with a nurse and periodically with doctors.

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