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The glacier-capped, 16,478-foot (5,023-meter) volcano has erupted periodically since 1999, with major eruptions occurring in August 2006 and February 2008, the government's emergency management agency was quoted as saying by CNN.
mammalian hibernators periodically turn back on their engines.
Course Development Question 3: Instructional materials are reviewed periodically to ensure they meet program standards.
Federal agencies have not adequately designed and effectively implemented policies for periodically testing and evaluating information security controls.
Unlike humans, who constantly shed worn-out skin as tiny flakes, snakes and lizards periodically molt, or shed the outermost layer of their scaly skin all at once.
Hose off every few weeks and clean periodically with mild detergent and water.
This type of re-dew should take place periodically, perhaps as often as quarterly
Periodically, the Chapter participates in offsite visits, such as a trip to the University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Cancer Center.
A new Vermont policy requires correctional officers to periodically lock down and search the state's nine prisons, according to Boston.
This system is said to replace of Mine optical comparators, which are not effective for extrusions that are spooled and cannot be cut periodically for off-line measurement, according to the company.
American Forests: In our rounds to reevaluate and remeasure our champions periodically, we recently discovered that our national champion longbeak eucalyptus had been vandalized and is now dead.
Homeless persons brought a [section] 1983 action against a city police captain and a city, claiming that their Fourth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendment rights were violated when they were periodically removed from a downtown area.

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