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Periodically inspect stored batteries for defects such as bulges, cracks or leaks and monitor their expiration dates.
This was a surprise, because all other mammals known to hibernate rely on metabolic spikes to periodically raise their body temperatures.
I find this story especially encouraging, having periodically been tempted to painful self-doubts and fears about my competence myself--not by some supernatural tempter like Mara but rather by fluctuating student evaluations sometimes critical for gender-specific rather than academic reasons.
The Federal Reserve Board, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Office of Thrift Supervision nevertheless encourage such entities to periodically review their corporate governance and auditing policies and procedures for consistency with applicable law, regulations and supervisory guidance and for their appropriateness to each organization's size, operations and resources.
Winton"), announced today that the Board of Directors of WFC has authorized a repurchase program in which up to 5% of its outstanding common shares may periodically be repurchased in the open market during the next twelve months.
The consumer has agreed to pay a premium or fee that is assessed periodically but the consumer is under no obligation to continue the coverage, whether or not the consumer has made an initial payment.
A piston in the die periodically injects a shot of melt between the two tubes as they exit the die, before going through dual corrugating molds.
Although this tape is aimed at a general audience (and promises, among other things, restored youthfulness and an improved sex life), dancers will likely have an easier time than non-dancers following the periodically fast-paced movement.
Stephen McConnell, PhD, vice president of program and public policy for the Alzheimer's Association, considers the study a wake-up call to families to plan now and check in periodically to see if a loved one's preferences have changed.
This method of accounting assumes that the goods most recently purchased or produced are the first goods sold and, accordingly, that their associated costs are the first costs treated as costs of sale, Thus, inventory basis is built up in layers over time as ending inventories periodically increase over beginning inventories.
To provide additional protection against data loss, investigators should use copies of the downloaded files to sort, select, and organize the data during the investigative process and should remember to back up the files periodically.

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