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Platelets were thought to become less reactive after provision of non-surgical periodontal therapy. [36]
The present study aimed at comparing the efficacy of desensitizing treatment with diode laser 940nm vs Potassium Nitrate 5%, in patients with symptoms of dentinal hypersensitivity after periodontal therapy showing that LLLT, has given better results when compared to the use of KNO3 (p< 0.05), immediately and within a short term follow up after periodontal therapy, making it a suitable approach to the treatment of DH.
Lang, "Long-term results of supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) in HIV-seropositive and HIV-seronegative patients," Journal of Clinical Periodontology, vol.
Levels of cigarette consumption and response to periodontal therapy. J Periodontol.
GAgP subjects received non-surgical periodontal therapy, which consists of oral hygiene instructions, scaling and root planning.
Periodic nonsurgical periodontal therapy and accuracy of prosthetic structures helped maintain the amount of bone fairly stable over time.
Periodontal Therapy Reduces Plasma Levels of Interleukin-6, C-ReactiveProtein, and Fibrinogen in Patients With Severe Periodontitis and Refractory Arterial Hypertension.
Lasers in periodontal therapy, both surgically and nonsurgically, are becoming more common, but the evidence base is still highly controversial.
Clinical and biochemical evaluation of lozenges containing Lactobacillus reuteri as an adjunct to non-surgical periodontal therapy in chronic periodontitis.

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