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Histology of biopsy specimens suggested that she had a low-grade malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor.
Electrical activity in the conductors brains--measured by electrodes placed on the scalp during testing--exhibited a pattern asscociated with heightened attention when they heard either central or peripheral sound deviations.
After several such occurrences, the CPA realizes the problem happens only when he tries to use the CD-ROM while the other peripherals are operating.
These results demonstrate that EKOS Ultrasound Accelerated Thrombolysis offers a better, faster and safer option for treatment than conventional catheter-directed thrombolysis or mechanical thrombectomy in the peripheral vasculature.
In an interesting report, Cohn described a patient who had a mass in the arm and peripheral neuropathy of the median nerve.
The researchers found a perfect test bed for this idea: Some sensory nerve cells extend fibers, or axons, into both the peripheral and central nervous systems.
As the worldwide leader in high-performance input devices for the quickly growing field of motion control, Razer Pro|Solutions are precision instruments built to last, and to deliver increased productivity, control and precision to professional users that demand the best from their electronic peripherals.
Sorin's peripheral stent line will be distributed by Datascope's InterVascular Division ("Intervascular"), a worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing vascular grafts to cardiac and vascular surgeons.
Our AngioJet Thrombectomy System offers the widest range of treatments, including thrombectomy in native coronary arteries and coronary bypass grafts, peripheral arterial vessels and dialysis access grafts.
The West Bridge family is based on Cypress's Simultaneous Link to Independent Multimedia[TM] (SLIM[TM]) architecture, which manages multiple, dedicated paths between peripherals, memory and the processor to allow maximum data throughput.
Oxford Semiconductor recently announced the OXU140CM, an all-in-one connectivity solution that integrates full-speed host, high-speed peripheral and support for multiple storage interfaces, including the new CE-ATA interface and support for MMC and SD memory for expanded storage.
This combined action is unique to Rinspiration, and effectively helps prevent debris from potentially moving downstream and putting patients at risk of peripheral occlusions within the microvasculature.