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Driven by the transition in processor-based systems and associated chipsets from PCI to PCI Express as the main peripheral bus, the Expresso family of OXPCIe952, OXPCIe954, OXPCIe958, OXPCIe840 targets the PC peripheral, industrial control, point of sale, server, communications and embedded systems markets with 2, 4, and 8 serial port options plus a standalone parallel port device.
The free controller features deterministic operation, very fast I/O response (less than 100 nanoseconds) and supports the advanced peripheral bus (APB) interface.
For additional performance and flexibility the PowerPC is bridged to the Xilinx Spartan-3E with a high bandwidth On-chip Peripheral Bus (OPB) Bus Master controller, facilitating a true, dual processor system capable of implementing nearly any desired expansion interface.
A NAND Flash Controller and a full suite of Serial I/O ports, including UART, IIC, SPI and 32-bit external peripheral bus are additional key connectivity capabilities of the 405EXr.
The new Xilinx VLYNQ interface provides a bridge to the CoreConnect On-chip Peripheral Bus (OPB) available on Xilinx FPGAs.
Offloading CPU-intensive software subroutines to hardware in a DRC Reconfigurable Processor Unit (RPU) makes applications run many times faster than ordinary solutions connected to a peripheral bus.

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