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Virtually all PCs and laptops have USB ports built in, and having a portable means of maximizing this convenience has become a necessity for people who use peripheral devices.
Our flexible PCI Express implementations along with AMD Athlon 64 processors can deliver the bandwidth and performance needed by the latest peripheral devices such as high-performance graphic cards for gaming and workstations, HDTV tuner cards for multimedia PCs, and blazing Gigabit Ethernet connections for the office.
According to a company spokesperson "The RZ1000 is the perfect match between new PCI chip sets from companies like Intel, and peripheral devices, like IDE hard disk drives, which would not have been able to take full advantage of the new PCI standard.
Network Systems designs, manufactures and markets network products that connect peripheral devices and host computers to the network.
The company also specializes in the development of software solution, PC Sharing Kit for sharing Internet resources and peripheral devices among DSL, cable modem, satellite, and ISDN subscribers, particularly for small business and home office environments.
1 Number 2, on Peripheral Devices follows: INTRODUCTION
OTCBB:SOYO), a leading global provider of large screen consumer electronics, computer peripheral devices, and broadband telecommunications products and services, announces a multi-million dollar agreement with GE Capital Solutions to provide both manufacturing and retailer finance options for SOYO's subsidiary, SOYO Inc.
IPM, which was founded in 1981 and had revenues totaling approximately $30 million in 1991, is experienced in selling and supporting data communications equipment and mainframe peripheral devices to large banks, insurance companies and government agencies.

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