peripheral group

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In a market that is showing modest growth, Ricoh s InfoPrint 5000 continues to gain market share every year, which says quite a bit about the reliability and popularity of its production print technology, said Amy Machado, senior analyst in IDC s Hardcopy Peripheral Group.
Rather than being able to play a central role in the Gaelic community, learners are at present on the periphery of an already peripheral group.
Harry Roels has since sold peripheral group stakes in the Hochtief construction group and the printing Systems manufacturer Heidelberger Druck, as well as waste processing subsidiary RWE Environment.
2,3) Both itching and pain involve activation of a peripheral group of C nerve fibers, and itching can originate anywhere along the afferent neural path.
Within the team, there were three groups: a core group, a central group, and a peripheral group (see Figure 1).
However, one result of heavy commodification in librarianship is quite likely an increased distance between a core professional elite that is concerned with maintaining and upgrading the increasingly centralized knowledge and physical resources of the profession--algorithms, databases, indexing systems, repositories--and a larger but peripheral group that provides actual client access to those resources.
When 1968 came, I was a member of a peripheral group that had members in the single figures, which in the course of the spring and summer of 1968 ballooned into several hundred--this is just talking about in Oxford.
Even in countries like Pakistan, it is very important to have social commentary like this to ensure that the peripheral groups of society are taken into account.

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