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Waveform analysis of peripheral pulse wave detected in the fingertip with photoplethysmograph.
Abnormal heart rate, S3 gallop, cold extremities, weak peripheral pulse, prolonged capillary refill time, abnormal systolic blood pressure and ECG changes were identified as significant risk factors for prolonged hospital stay.
10) Absence of peripheral pulses in posterior tibial, popliteal or femoral arteries, indicate significant occlusive PAD especially if associated with symptoms like claudication.
Her peripheral pulses were not palpable, blood pressure was not recordable and respiratory rate was 32/minute.
Her pulse rate was 82 per minute, regular and all peripheral pulses were palpable.
4 mEq/L and his electrocardiogram revealed sinus rhythm restoration (Figure 2) with palpable peripheral pulses.
Peripheral pulses were palpable, and sensory and motor examinations were normal.
Cardiovascular - blood pressure, heart rate, heart sounds, capillary refill, peripheral pulses
Radial pulse in the right upper limb, and other peripheral pulses were felt.

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