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Follow-up electrocardiogram showing sinus rhythm with palpable peripheral pulses
Due to normal peripheral pulses, normal arm coloration, and tenderness of the wrist extensor tendons, de Quervain's syndrome was initially suspected.
No murmur was heard and peripheral pulses were palpable on physical examination.
There were diffuse spider veins on the lower extremities and the peripheral pulses were 2+ symmetrically.
Vitals were stable, all peripheral pulses were palpable.
On examination large volume peripheral pulses, raised jugular venous pressure (5 cm), bi-basal crepitations, and bilateral ankle oedema were elicited/identified.
Capillary refill less than 2 seconds, peripheral pulses present.
s peripheral pulses and monitor for signs of loss of sensory/motor function.
He was haemodynamically stable, the neck veins were not distended, heart sounds were audible, and good peripheral pulses were palpable.

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