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Perhaps the learning task II was not the most effective test for measuring the peripheral vision in the way it was trained.
Both types of vision are important for clear sight, but central vision is more important than peripheral vision for day-to-day functioning.
Peripheral Vision has already had two Presentings - one colt and one filly - and both sold well.
Baker and his coworkers are now testing whether people with macular degeneration possess better peripheral vision on everyday tasks, such as face recognition, than people with normal vision do.
Man-You-Ball: Point and be able to see both with peripheral vision.
Now, let your vision get soft and wide, allowing your peripheral vision to expand.
It found that first-person shooter video games--the kind that require players to down enemies that pop out of nowhere--may improve visual attention skills, Experienced players, the study found, have superior peripheral vision, an ability to switch attention rapidly, and are 30 to 50 percent better than nonplayers at taking in everything around them.
The experienced players can identify objects in their peripheral vision, perceive numerous objects, switch attention rapidly, and track many items simultaneously.
The three-layer shell features a new draw cord system that pulls the hood away from the user's eyes, enhancing peripheral vision.
Visual acuity, depth perception, contrast sensitivity, and peripheral vision decline with age and these changes reduce or alter the environmental data your brain uses to maintain balance.
Fully immersive computer graphics include one or more large rear projection screens to encompass peripheral vision, stereoscopic display for increased depth perception, and head tracking for realistic perspective.

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