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Description of magnetic resonance imaging-derived enhancement variables in pathologically confirmed prostate cancer and normal peripheral zone regions.
Otoconia crystals consist of a central nucleus mostly composed of organic glycoproteins with low calcium (Ca) levels and surrounding inorganic peripheral zones containing minerals mostly composed of calcium carbonate with high Ca levels.
The peripheral zone of the prostate was divided into six regions in the same fashion as a biopsy: right and left at apex, mid, and base level [Figure 1].
At high levels, zinc is toxic for most human cells, (15) but having developed the mechanism for concentrating zinc, prostate peripheral zone cells can resist that toxicity and derive protective benefit.
Transition zone (TZ) and peripheral zone (PZ) residual carcinoma is present in 70% of radical prostatectomies for incidental PAC, whereas, PAC in other radical prostatectomy specimens usually consists of carcinoma localized 18,19 to the PZ .
The first peripheral zone includes only weapons, an element that goes back to the earlier development of the concept of war.
He first rejects the approach proposed at the end of the nineteenth century by Frederick Jackson Turner, in which a dominant empire or civilization radiates outward to overwhelm and subsume a peripheral zone that is, by definition, a wilderness.
CTC1135 carbide cutting material combines a wear-resistant CVD coating and a heat-resistant core substrate to produce a highly tensile gradient peripheral zone with thickness of 20 [micro]m for turning steel and stainless steel in the ISO P35 application field.
Cytohistological zonation is interpreted in terms of a distal axial zone, the metrameristem; a peripheral zone, the flanking meristem; and a subterminal axial zone, the rib meristem.
We recently examined Pearson linear correlations for hundreds of men undergoing radical prostatectomy with a preoperative serum PSA of 2-22 [micro]g/L; we chose 22 [micro]g/L as the upper limit because in long-term follow-ups of men with peripheral zone cancers who were cured after radical prostatectomy, the highest preoperative serum PSA was 23 [micro]g/L (12).
The core states are the highly industrialized, capital-intensive, and high-technology ones; the lesser-developed industrialized states are in the semiperiphery; and the underdeveloped states, primarily in the Third World, are located in the peripheral zone.
You need an analysis of the initial enhancement and washout of the contrast in all areas of the prostate gland, particularly the peripheral zone.