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To accumulate such high levels of zinc, prostate peripheral zone cells are endowed with a specialized zinc transporter protein called ZIP1.
Description LC1 distribution fleet Urban zone Peripheral zone Start time 7 6 Travel time 1 13 % 6 55 % Effective distribution 7 88 % 5 45 % time Journey duration 8 11 Deadline 19 19 Difference in time 4 2 window for distribution Order delivery rate 23 13 Utilisation of 144 % 61 % loading capacity Average orders per 178 75 vehicle Average 160 70
We recently examined Pearson linear correlations for hundreds of men undergoing radical prostatectomy with a preoperative serum PSA of 2-22 [micro]g/L; we chose 22 [micro]g/L as the upper limit because in long-term follow-ups of men with peripheral zone cancers who were cured after radical prostatectomy, the highest preoperative serum PSA was 23 [micro]g/L (12).
The core states are the highly industrialized, capital-intensive, and high-technology ones; the lesser-developed industrialized states are in the semiperiphery; and the underdeveloped states, primarily in the Third World, are located in the peripheral zone.
Patchy central enhancement with a nonenhancing peripheral zone of tissue is the classic enhancement pattern seen on contrast-enhanced CT (Figure 1).
You need an analysis of the initial enhancement and washout of the contrast in all areas of the prostate gland, particularly the peripheral zone.
The needs expressed by the population and the development of trade in food plants are that natural resources are virtually absent in the peripheral zone.
2) It has been observed that the vast majority of prostate cancers originate in the peripheral zone of the gland and thus over time most men with prostate cancers will exhibit an abnormal DRE.
Considering that the industry's exports to Europe suddenly dropped 10% QoQ in the fourth quarter of 2011, the MIRDC analyst warns that the market has been weakening, primarily due to the lingering sovereign debts that have mandated austerity measures across Europe, especially in the peripheral zone including Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Portugal.
5 to 2 mm) layer of connective tissue located external to the peripheral zone.
The joined sheet has a fixed inner peripheral zone bonded to an opening's peripheral zone defining the first opening and a distal front zone extending forward from the front zone of the pad and releasably attached to the supporting sheet by means of fastener means.