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Engaging the actual extent of urban peripheralization is a necessary step in the specification of geographically uneven development under planetary urbanization.
Peripheralization occurs among a number of nonhuman primate species, notably rhesus macaques and baboons, as well as gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos.
In light of these developments, it seems plausible that the local council(s) should grasp the discourse of 'Europe' and 'European integration' as a great chance, and perhaps last chance, to counteract a further peripheralization of the twin city.
Being Chinese: The peripheralization of traditional identity.
This peripheralization of non-western women hastened this group's rejection of the central tenets of mainstream feminist ideology and necessitated the formulation of a perspective on the role and place of black women in the women's movement.
1988b The Political Economy of the West Bank 1967-1987: From Peripheralization to Development.
Much like Richard White's seminal work, The Roots of Dependency (1983), Faiman-Silva examines a wide variety of sociocultural, political, economic, and environmental factors that combined to forge the Choctaws' historical path to peripheralization.
The issues that have always animated debate about the ability of African states to manage their external realms, such as nation-building, economic fragility, and peripheralization, are still very much with us, even if repackaged in novel language.
However, degrees of the peripheralization of innovative and outspoken work still circle an artificial "center" composed of official verse culture.
This will lead to marginalization and peripheralization of those areas which are not able to support the large-scale 'importation' of English or which are less easily translated from one language into another (especially literature and cultural material).
A priority therefore is to assemble programs that will reduce the risk of peripheralization, which would be undesirable in itself and counterproductive in regard to EU integration (see Brabant, 1996, pp.
Although the Western-based panacea for democracy and peace in Africa has some utility in the political area, overall they do not take into account the historic antecedent of the area: They negate the impact of slavery, colonialism and neocolonialism in creating the foundation for repression, dehumanization, exploitation, conflict, poverty and peripheralization.