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But because the two novels focus more on the private sphere and peripheralize the broader historical context to which such overarching causes of Nazism belong, Ian Kershaw's detailed study of popular opinion in Bavaria (19) is useful for comparing historically documented private attitudes to Nazism with those presented by Kempowski.
Whereas he is intrigued by the disparity between the dominance of ~prison' in criminological thought and its relatively rare usage in modern times, my concern is that while criminologists seem nowadays endlessly to focus on (and represent) prisons as being either functional or disfunctional to a seamless web of social control (of, for instance, ~net-widening', ~warehousing', ~disciplining' or ~transcarceralism'), they concomitantly peripheralize the study of ~prison as punishment'.
The act of playing on alternative memories may constitute, in some of its aspects, an interesting experiment in turning previously divisive borders into interfaces in order to pool local resources in the face of the extensive challenges, and the dangers of entrapment, that easily peripheralize entities such as St.