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What is particularly remarkable here is McGee's clearly obvious success in uncovering so many of these peripheralized female jazz acts, which speaks well of her patience and scholarly fortitude.
On their own, however, they amount to the creation of what might be called a peripheralized federalism" (McKay 1996, 19).
Does this dilute the real claim that any of these groups, especially African-Americans, have about an America that has exploited and peripheralized us'?
The problematization of immigration and immigrants in contemporary advanced capitalist polities is key to understanding the inherent tendency that both North American and European arrangements share in limiting the entry and residence of peoples from peripheralized states.
When initially introduced they were important, but quickly were peripheralized and made of less significance.
Roberts answers this question by surfacing the racialized Passaic underlying Smithson's dopey "monuments"; sketching the traumatized subjects of a colonized Yucatan just out of sight of his mirrors; limning a kitschy and equally racist Golden Spike peripheralized by his own Spiral Jetty; and revealing the reactionary religiosity that provoked his tropism toward entropy.