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Interestingly, it is out of the centered peripheries and the peripheralized center that Wang has finally emerged as a major literary figure, who strives to anyi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], to "settle memories," among the migrants in the south, the minorities in the north, and the margins in the metropolis.
Given the exclusionary logic of the NAFTA arrangement when it comes to the movement of peoples from peripheralized states like Mexico, the possibilities of a "Fortress North America" that includes Mexico seem remote.
In this view, if the Kurds can use the threat of secession to gain major concessions and a very peripheralized federal power structure, they will ultimately seek autonomy, bringing an end to the Iraqi federal experiment.
21) Actors located in the vicinity of borders have developed more elaborated forms of subjectivity, and they are less automatically peripheralized than was the case previously.
Instead, it is that an unmodified articulation of the category "women"--the conceptualization of women as women--has historically peripheralized the social realities of women of color.
A "culture of resistance," then, is a product of a period of popular mobilization among the peripheral and peripheralized populations of the capitalist world-economy.
I have long argued that, when faced with the crises of progress or the perils of democracy, our lessons of equality and justice are best learned from those marginalized, peripheralized peoples who have harvested the bitter fruits of liberalism in its project of colonization and slavery, rather than those imperial nations and sovereign states that claim to be the seed-beds of Democracy.
A disposition to engage in homoerotic behavior may have served as a mechanism for affiliation that reinforced the relationships among same-sex peripheralized individuals and strengthened their ties with those of higher status.
The article outlines a longstanding 'culture of displacement' as dominant for that area, and asks to what extent this rather peripheralized area is equipped to come to terms with the options and pressures of globalization and European integration.
This does not mean that violence disappeared in the Indies, but it was effectively diluted, peripheralized, or contained so that it no longer presented a threat to the survival of the state.
On the contrary: it has been more or less fully peripheralized by the press, the government, Hollywood, the academy, and other traditional loci of authority, which is to say that it has not figured as much more than a human-interest curiosity in the life of the ordinary American constructed by these apparatuses as their imaginary audience and constituency.
Economically, Africa is today experiencing rapid underdevelopment which has peripheralized it in the global economic system (p.