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The research activity should provide European territorial evidence on the presence and characteristics of inner peripheries and also provide tailor-made strategies at EU level to overcome marginalising effects of inner peripheries and proposals on how cohesion policy could address peripheries them vis--vis lagging regions.
Will they still continue to vote as they were when they were in the peripheries, or will they change their voting behavior?
Since the industrial revolution, though, the shared experience of the Welsh and of the English peripheries have been similar.
People from these peripheries often move towards the centre in the hope of securing a better life, not necessarily because they want to but because Punjab is the financial, political, and cultural heartland of the Pakistani state.
These areas are not peripheries to Japan, and while its imperial quest was misguided, it did have a basis in geographical reality.
Hogue's deft moves through disciplines and borders allow him "to envision/construct a reading of America/African American life in which relations have many dynamic cultural, historical, critical, and literary locations, many possible vantage points, rather than a center/norm and peripheries.