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This indicates that the inner core countries may be suffering from secular stagnation and under-consumption that is relieved by the export demand coming from the peripheries.
Founder of the cooperativa cultural da Periferia (cooperifa), Vaz is also the host of the Sarau da Cooperifa, one of the several weekly open mic events that take place in the city's peripheries.
In contrast, even the educated elite on the peripheries espouse a much closer relationship to their mother tongues and vernacular culture.
Centres exert control over peripheries and mediate tensions between regions of the periphery.
Moreover, he has done so with a sympathetic eye and a scholarly vision that not only makes interesting reading, but also suggests how exciting and revealing local history at the peripheries can be.
He hopes his study of a neglected region of East-Central Europe can deliver insights to historians who want to study other peripheries and borderlands.
They show how expertise in managing sustainable models of education in the so-called peripheries offers valuable insights into bilingual and multilingual theory, decentralization, and cost-efficient resourcing in education system that are sensitive to widely varying student needs.
The urban landscapes of Gianfranco Botto and Roberta Bruno start from the on-site inspection of realities common to the peripheries of many Italian cities.
I am aware that in these last few years many voices have spoken out in defence of the diffuse, informal city of the peripheries as the desirable and foreseeable future of the modern city.
European Rural Peripheries Revalued: Governance, Actors, Impacts
75 inch on both sides peripheries of medal the weight of 02 aluminium pillars shall be in addition to the medal weight of 20 gms, i.
Narratives of adversity; Jesuits in the eastern peripheries of the Habsburg realms (1640-1773).