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According to the bankt, the right periphery will have the word India in English.
Too often, rural and periphery areas are in the slow lane, so we need government subsidies to help address that.
The reverse side of the coin is depicted with a floral wreath all along within the periphery of the coin splitted with the cones of five pointed star in the center.
Additional testing showed participants were able to discriminate faces in their periphery, but that a bias was found to the left, rather than lower visual field.
First, there is the view of the so-called troika (the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund), which holds that the eurozone's debt-distressed periphery (Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain) requires strong policy discipline to prevent a short-term liquidity crisis from morphing into a long-term insolvency problem.
The goal was to develop regional allies on the periphery to counter the hostile "Arab core" of states led by Egypt under Gamal Abdul Nasser.
With concerns about the creditworthiness of some of the euro area periphery sovereigns re-emerging, as highlighted by our recent decision to review Greece for downgrade, we believe new issuer volumes will be lower in 2015 than in the last year," said Pieter Rommens, author of the report.
The series of critical essays about Korean language and writing situated at the intersection of history, politics, linguistics, and literature, was first published under a Korean title that translates literally as Infected Language: Portraits of the Landscape on the Periphery of the National Language.
Researchers revealed that critics show no favoritism toward core members and may even prefer those on the periphery of the industry.
The good news is that the higher growth momentum includes periphery countries like Spain, which was on the brink of a financial crisis in 2011-12.
One could easily argue that the transformation of the conservative periphery has been completed.
In this extended framework, we assume that both the center and periphery countries are fully open to trade and capital flows.