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Estimates of regional supply and demand as measured by IMPLAN for 1982 were used in obtaining estimates of excess commodity supply and demand for core and periphery subregions.
This led to a great inflow of foreign capital into the periphery countries and enabled them to sustain either an unjustified high level of wages and consumer spending as in the case of Greece, or a high level of asset price appreciation and housing boom as in the case of Spain.
The term Literatura Marginal was recovered in the early 2000s by writer Reginaldo Ferreira da Silva, known as Ferrez, who organized the publication of three special issues of the popular Caros Amigos magazine (2001, 2002, 2004) featuring a collection of works produced by authors who later became known as periphery writers.
Haiti: Trapped in the Outer Periphery pinpoints prevailing concerns, but does not suggest ways for Haiti to remove itself from the outer periphery.
The periphery is vast and normally covered with wild creepers, trees etc, making it a natural shelter for snakes and insects.
glis also occur on the northern periphery of their ranges, but living conditions are different there due to the maritime climate (Bright & Morris 1996).
The reverse side of the coin is depicted with a floral wreath all along within the periphery of the coin splitted with the cones of five pointed star in the center.
The problem is not that the debt of countries on the eurozone's periphery is too high, but that it has not been allowed to rise nearly high enough.
The significance of the periphery doctrine waned in the 1980s after peace agreements were signed with Egypt and Jordan.
Moody's expects that markets euro area periphery high-yield issuers will remain open in 2015 as search for yield and higher returns increases investors' appetite for risk, as recently highlighted by the return of Wind and Telecom Italia to the debt capital markets.
Pope Francis spoke about going into the peripheries long after he has left; let me try to help by talking here each week about a periphery which you may want to involve yourselves in, if the Holy Spirit moves you.
Three clusters were identified in the European context: core (France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria), northern periphery (Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK) and southern periphery (Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece).